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Машины Art Deco неземной красоты

Оригинал взят у mysea в Машины Art Deco неземной красоты

1936 Delahaye 135M Figoni and Falaschi Competition Coupe. Jim Patterson/The Patterson Collection, Louisville, KY.

1934 Model 40 Special Speedster™. Owned and restored by Edsel & Eleanor Ford House, Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan.

1930 Jordan Model Z Speedway Ace Roadster. Collection of Edmund J. Stecker Family Trust

1933 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow Sedan. Collection of Academy of Art University Automobile Museum, San Francisco.

1938 Talbot-Lago T150C-SS Teardrop Coupe. Collection of J. Willard Marriott, Jr.

1937 Delahaye 135MS Roadster. Courtesy of The Revs Institute for Automotive Research

1938 Tatra T97. Collection of Lane Motor Museum.

1936 Stout Scarab. Collection of Larry Smith.

1930 Cord L-29 Cabriolet. Collection of Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum.

1930 KJ Henderson Streamline. Collection of Frank Westfall

1941 Chrysler Thunderbolt. Collection of the Chrysler Group, LLC.

Tags: 1930-е, авто-коллекции, редкие автомобили, реконструкция

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